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Stitch Fix Review | Plus Size Fashion

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Plus size femme presenting person wearing a white t shirt with the read outline of  heart and the phrase "Fat Bitch" in red writing. She's wearing a black, furry jacket, black jeans, and round sunglasses.

It’s hard to believe that November is nearly through! I had a hard time parting with my Autumn decorations, but they are now delicately resting in a storage container at the top of my closet, waiting for their return. While I mourned my favorite season nearly ending, I went ahead and put up the Christmas tree, lights, and Hanukkah banner (because my partner is Jewish, which is the biggest prank the Lord could play on me) and started stacking packages filled with gifts on our guest bed. The holiday season is here! And winter is not far behind. To cope with the impending months of chilling darkness (too dramatic?) I have turned to my worst emotional crutch: online shopping.

Online shopping has its perks, especially when buying gifts. Not only are there a million and a half gift guides for everyone you know, you can have them all delivered to your apartment so you don’t even have to leave your sofa or your pumpkin spice coffee. This instant gratification combined with the exhilaration of finding the best holiday deals is dangerous. In short, I’ve bought a new camera, a velvet dress, two necklaces, three sets of earrings, and a crop sweatshirt in the last five days. The Cyber Monday deals were TOO GOOD!


Fat Girl Flow had a great Cyber Monday sale on their Fat Bitch Tee and other merch!


So now that I’ve adequately described my online shopping habit, I can move onto my newest venture: plus size fashion subscription boxes. Of course I’ve seen the ads and the plugs from my favorite bloggers for Dia&Co, Gwynnie Bee, and the likes. But this millennial only has so much spending money and I cannot waste $50 or $75 on a box of items that I may or may not be keeping. While they do have their perks (being able to keep an item for as long as you want is pretty sweet) I just do not have that cash. So when Hannah from Stitch Fix sent me over a lil’ email saying she’d wave my first box fee, I said heck yeah!

This is not an advertisement in the slightest, and I only ever post about things I love OR things you should stay away from. This is, thankfully, the former! Stitch Fix in a nutshell: You fill out a style profile and pay $20 for a box of five items. When you get these items, you have three days to decide if you want to keep them or send them back. For the things you want to keep, that original $20 will be taken off the price. If you don’t want a dang thing, you just smush it all into a USPS bag that comes with the package and drop if off at a post office. You lose the $20, but you might be able to snap a few Instagrams with your temporary duds. This was exactly what I did with this ridiculous fur jacket that I honestly did consider keeping, purely for the novelty.



Fun fact time! I have huge arms. They are not “proportionate” to my body. I have little fat rolls in them and they generally don’t fit into non-stretchy clothing. Which I noted, in detail, when I filled out my fashion profile. And guess what? Every single dang thing fit me. EVERY. DANG. THING. This jacket, which was only a 2x, fit my arms COMFORTABLY! Even a 3x in Forever 21 sizes cannot do that. I am so used to trying on a jacket I love only to find that my arms simply will not fit into the sleeves. So this felt sort of like the glass slipper of fur coats and Stitch Fix is Prince Charming and my fat arms are Cinderella.

However, I’m a budget-conscious babe, so I didn’t keep anything from this box. But I did enjoy the experience of having a special box delivered right to my apartment, truly having no idea what was inside, and getting to try everything on in my own home. The $20 fee is way cheaper than the other services I’ve seen, and you can even choose how much you are willing to spend on a type of item. I am so skeptical when it comes to these things, but overall I enjoyed my first Stitch Fix.

If you like the sound of all this, you can try Stitch Fix yourself! If you know someone who would love to try it, you can even buy them a gift card! This is a great present for the fashion-forward person in your life. There’s even a sister (brother?) service for guys or masculine presenting peeps!

Well I’m going to go look at myself in these photos and see if I can find a cheap dupe of this coat anywhere else. If you’d like to see everything I got in my Stitch Fix, check out my try on haul video!


Hope you’re enjoying the very last days of Autumn! It’s not over yet, damn it!